A totally unique approach to communication challenges

Wouldn’t it be nice to:

  • Deal with a public that considers you to be a trusted source of information?
  • Tell the truth, without your words getting twisted by activists or the media?
  • Introduce new technology, increasing profits and market access?
  • Calm fears and misunderstandings, while acting with integrity?

Actually ‘win one’ - for a change...

Are you tired of losing a communications battle, even when the truth is on your side? Are you sick of feeling like ‘the bad guy’ when it comes to the environment or a new technology?

There is help.

I’m Jeff Chatterton, the owner of Checkmate Public Affairs.

Checkmate has developed a totally unique approach to communication challenges. I work with firms, like yours, facing public pressures. I'll help you build the most important tools you need to face a communication challenge - trust and credibility.

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