My Approach

I tell it like I see it. Some people love brutal honesty.  Sometimes people don’t.  We’re dealing with sensitive topics, and I recognize that.  But at the same time, if something is not working, I'm not going to pretend things are fine. If you continue to do things the same way, you’ll get the same results.  Don’t you want better?  I'm not going to waste time on strategies that don’t deliver results.

Serious issues don’t require a downer attitude. In fact, I believe that you get better results when you do have fun. This doesn't mean that I waste precious time - yours or mine - clowning around and telling jokes. But a light attitude is not only desirable, it keeps you motivated and inspired - not to mention it rubs off on others around you.  You’re on your way to building a winning reputation – this is fun and exciting stuff!

Inspiration comes from odd places. Many consultants pride themselves on being able to deliver ‘instant ideas’ in the midst of a conference call.  To be frank – my mind just doesn’t work like that.  Your problem is unique, and I prefer to think your situation through.  Maybe inspiration will strike when we’re out on the golf course.  Maybe it occurs to me on the way to my office the next day, or it’s in the form of a 3am email.  (Don’t worry; I don’t expect responses to my 3am emails until morning.)

Asking questions shouldn’t cost a fortune.  Obviously, you’re curious to make sure there’s a proper fit before hiring me.  So give me a shout, or send me an email.  You can call me at (888)662-4550, and chat about your situation.  The phone call is free... you’re not going to get charged just for introducing yourself and explaining your situation.  You’re also welcome to check out some of my programs and services here in greater detail...