What You Can Expect

Clients of Checkmate Public Affairs can expect certain things.

You’ll be able to ‘bounce back.’ Unfortunate events happen to everyone. Whether it’s a product recall, an industrial accident or a boycott, I'll work with you to restore public trust and confidence.

Your trust and credibility go up. If you have a product that is facing increased attention, sales and public acceptance will increase. It’s a cliché, but the Chinese word for crisis is “danger” and “opportunity.” This is a fantastic time to show to the world why you’re not afraid of public pressure.

Your co-workers and supervisors will thank you for having made the right decisions to steer them through a difficult time. As a business leader, you juggle multiple balls. There’s only one thing worse than juggling balls – dropping one.

Activist groups will move to a different victim. There is nothing more frustrating than being blamed for something you haven’t done, or being unfairly blamed for an unfortunate event.