Some of the services we offer…


Staring at the ceiling at 3am isn’t fun. Neither is worrying about layoffs, bad headlines, or upset investors due to something that isn’t your fault. We’re helping CEOs and business owners recognize COVID-19 as an opportunity for growth – while recognizing unprecedented opportunities come with unprecedented risks. We identify the risks and figure out exactly what you need to do to nullify them while seizing opportunities. How do we do that? We’ve created a unique program we call “High Stakes Springboard.” This is a proprietary risk communications executive-level briefing with one clear goal: to ensure clients leave in a BETTER position than before a crisis occurred.


We’ve created a proprietary system for travel companies, tourism attractions, major attractions and venues that focuses on helping them ‘fall UP,’ specifically after an outbreak, natural disaster or civil unrest.
Whether it’s working with hotel operators after a volcano, an airline after a fatal accident, or a major venue during civil unrest, chances are good we’ve been there and done that. In some cases – we’ve literally written the book about it.
Trying to convince the public they are in safe hands after an accident isn’t something you want to leave to your traditional marketing team.
Do you want a weekend warrior who spars once a week in the gym, or a bare-knuckle boxer who fights every day… and likes it?


Ever been stuck in a boring day-long training session? So have we. Not anymore.
We’ve created a unique training program that will show you what strategies and tactic will work, but more importantly – WHY they work.
We focus on the steak – we leave the sizzle to the other guys.


CrisisTether members are invited into a program where they pay one low, flat rate. That gives them 24/7/365 access to a crisis communicator. That phone gets answered, whether it’s at 3pm on a Tuesday, or 11pm on Christmas Eve.We know the company, the media market, and their business – and provide critical, real time advice to extinguish the PR fire.